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Vite hmr update

The @vite directive will automatically detect the Vite development server and inject the Vite client to enable Hot Module Replacement. In build mode, the directive will load your compiled and versioned assets, including any imported CSS. ... Instant server start and lightning fast HMR that stays fast regardless of the app size. Add entry module.

HMR is an opt-in feature that only affects modules containing HMR code. One example would be patching styling through the style-loader. In order for patching to work, the style-loader implements the HMR interface; when it receives an update through HMR, it replaces the old styles with the new ones.

He developed a new tool called Vite (French for fast). Vue CLI Many command-line interfaces for Web frameworks try to hide the configuration of webpack from you, but sometimes you still need to dig into the configuration. The purpose of the Vue CLI was to simplify converting your code into browser-proof code. HMR is the most popular feature of Vite.js as it allows to update the content on the web page immediately without needing a browser refresh. It is available in the Javascript bundler to optimize the functionality of your application.

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一、 Vite 高级应用的 HMR 热更新 、glob-import 批量导入、预编译、 Vite SSR 应用及 SSR 静态站点导出 Vite 中的 热更新 ,通过 Vite 命令行生成的项目默认都开启了 热更新 ,同时 Vite 中的 热更新 是根据不同框架去实现的。. HMR API,对于,通过 vite build 去.

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Vite hmr update